I named the web site “Wisdom or Folly” because I wanted to find an easy-to-remember URL that wasn’t taken, and somewhat reflected the theme of what I was trying to do. Wisdom or Folly? Something in between? You decide.

What am I trying to do? My desire is that I give you something to think about.

There will be posts with my writing, simple links to articles, interviews, discussions, other blogs, web sites I ran across, about anything. The common theme is, “stuff I’ve been thinking about”…and want to share.

There is no “Comments” section at the end of each post. Why no Comments? Because I don’t want to administer a comment section, and I like the idea of people discussing ideas with others in person rather online. If you want to comment, find someone to discuss what’s on your mind over coffee or lunch.

Whether or you have an in-person conversation about what you read here is out of my control, but the least I can do is to not provide an arena for people to stay and discuss things here. Not good web site planning as far as keeping traffic engaged, but that is not my purpose.

That’s it. Thanks for visiting!